Careers in the Construction Industry in Australia

There are high levels of growth forecast in the construction industry in Australia, and a range of opportunities and career paths within construction management.

The following occupations listed below are generally in demand.

Construction Managers

One of the careers in the construction industry are Construction Managers who have a pivotal role to play in organisation and execution of construction job sites.

Construction Managers oversee and advise staff on all matters concerning the day-to-day running of job site operations. They liaise with construction workers and investors, ensure workplace health and safety regulations are adhered to, and delegate roles and tasks amongst workers.

Construction Managers are involved in all aspects of a building siteโ€™s operations and need to have a thorough understanding of the building and construction industry.

The daily tasks of a Construction Manager include:

  • Managing labour resources
  • Enforcing safety regulations
  • Identifying potential workplace hazards
  • Communicating with workers and investors
  • Organising building inspections

As for the skills of a successful Construction Manager, they are:

  • efficient problem solving skills,
  • excellent communication skills,
  • the ability to delegate tasks effectively,
  • the ability to multi-task,
  • the ability to oversee a building project, costing materials and labour, and
  • the ability to work in high stress situations.

Construction Estimators

Another searched-for occupation in the construction industry is the Construction Estimators who prepare and deliver estimates and cost plans for construction projects up to the tender settlement stage.

Construction Estimators assist construction managers, architects and surveyors in planning and organization. The scope of works of Construction Estimators are to interpret plans, regulations and codes of practice besides calculating costs and estimating time scales for construction projects.


Within the construction industry, there are also specialised roles; namely

Building Surveyor

Building Surveyors liaise with building owners and construction crews during the planning phase of construction projects and ensure planning requirements and building regulations are met.

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers understand how to create, build and plan large infrastructure projects. They specify materials, techniques and the type of building to ensure structures are robust enough to withstand stress and strain.

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyors are in charge of financial management and planning on construction sites. They formulate cost estimates and put in place procedures to ensure outcomes are achieved within budget.


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