Client Testimonials

12-Apr-2021 Adrian   ★★★★★

Hi Wina,

Once again thank you so much for getting this through in such a short time. I know it depends on luck from the other end but you must have made it easy for them to make a quick decision.

I will continue to spread the good words around on the professional service you have rendered. Speaking of which, my cousin’s friend will be in touch for a possible visa application.

Thank you again!

24-Feb-2021 Sidharth & Sneha   ★★★★★

Hi Wina,

We are relieved and delighted that we have received Sneha’s partner visa (that too, Subclass 100 directly) as fast as we have (20 Nov to 23 Feb, ~3 months).

We are thankful for all the support Auslife has extended during these times with this application process. We are so happy that we chose Auslife to help us out with this.

Now, we know we have picked your brain a wee too much over the course of the last few months with regards to this application but we are immeasurably elated about how YOU, Wina, who have assisted us in this process from day 1; a massive thanks to you for your work and handholding us through the process and assisting us with all our queries and the support we received on my  Resident Return Visa application as well.

We would also like to thank Thena for his guidance when it was required.

Thank you.

23-Feb-2020 Bruce Douglas ★★★★★

This month I got the great news that my family and I were granted our PR’s!

I would like to say a big thank you to our agent Wina for all her time and patience in the whole visa process. You were always professional and very reassuring with all our questions and concerns, and for this we will be forever grateful.

I would highly recommend Auslife to anyone who wants to migrate to Australia.

Thank you Auslife!

7-Nov-2019 Isaac Yap ★★★★★

My partner and I just got our PR grant today, all thanks to the hardworking and knowledgeable team in Auslife! A special shoutout to our agent, Wina, who helped to handle the whole process meticulously without compromising on speed! The consultation she had given me had helped me so much during the process. Without her, my partner and I would be clueless in so many aspects. I definitely recommend Auslife for migration visa handling purposes!

2-Oct-2019 Jessie Chen ★★★★★

Had a great experience applying visa via Auslife. They are a professional team of consultants with two registered Australia migration agents in Malaysia. Special shout out to Wina who assisted us throughout this process. She is very professional in her conduct and always prompt to respond and provide details or updates accordingly. She is knowledgeable and up-to-date on the Australian migration system and laws. I would recommend Auslife to friends and family who are looking to apply any Australian visas.

4-Jun-2019 Aaron Chong ★★★★★

Two thumbs up to Auslife, and a special shout out to Grace who has helped us tremendously for our PRs.

4-Oct-2018 Amreet Gill ★★★★★

Very helpful and professional team. Guided me along the way and made the whole process very smooth. Thanks Grace! You were excellent. Would highly recommend this amazing team.

10-Aug-2018 Sachvinder Singh ★★★★★

Definitely a 5 Star Team. Very professional, fast, efficient and trustworthy. Their consultant Grace was extremely dedicated and supported us through the entire migration process. Thank you Auslife and keep up the good work.

17-Jul-2018 Chua Chu Yee ★★★★★

Very professional and up-to-date on Australia migration laws. I received my PR this year through them. I want to thank Wina who assisted me throughout the whole process.

26-Jun-2018 Malcolm & Hannah ★★★★★

Dear Wina,

Our trip to Australia was wonderful. We love it there!

If not for you and your dedication and hardwork, we know that this journey of ours would simply not be possible. And for that, we are truly grateful. We plan to move over early 2019.

We just wanna express our heartfelt gratitude for the many help you have been for us. We are so blessed to have you!

23-Apr-2018 Manwinder Kaur ★★★★★

If I must describe Auslife in one word, it will be “excellent”!

I have been a client with Auslife for few years and throughout the years, I received top notch service especially from Wina Leng.

She has always been efficient in responding to my queries and update me with latest information especially with time to time changes of Australia visa rules and regulations.

On top of that she is full of positive vibes and makes me feel at ease when I went through some stressful moments during my application.

If anybody wants to migrate to Australia and need a smooth less-stress process, Auslife is the best migration consultant to use.

Thank you Auslife for your service!

19-Apr-2018 Jay Wyn Wong ★★★★★

Had an excellent experience applying for my visa with Auslife. They are always prompt to respond, provide the right level of details and updates accordingly. Highly recommended! Thanks Auslife!

15-Mar-2018 Celeste Tan ★★★★★

They are very professional and very up-to-date on the Australian migration system. And I recently just got my TR through them, very efficiently and effectively. I want to especially thank Wina who assisted us throughout this process. She is a very experienced and professional agent. I would recommend my friends who want to migrate to Australia to appoint Auslife.

11-Jan-2018 Eva Lam ★★★★★

Auslife deserves more than 5 stars! They are a team of very experienced and professional consultants, especially the lady who assisted me, Wina. Since the beginning, they have been very helpful and assisted me all the way to make it as worry-free as possible. They were very responsive through messages and phone calls. Besides that, they were very thorough and efficient throughout the whole process as well.

Having them made me feel at ease, for I know I have a team of professionals to help me through this supposedly stressful application. I sincerely express my gratitude and appreciation to Wina and her team for assisting me throughout the entire application procedure.

31-Mar-2017 Navinreet Singh ★★★★★

Thank you very much for all the assistance you have provided us. It would not have been possible without your help. We really appreciate all that you have done for us.

We will surely spread the good work you are doing among our friends and family.

Thank you once again.

6-Feb-2015 Debashish Dash ★★★★★

Wina, no words can thank you enough for all your expert guidance and timely advise to get us the Australia PR grant.

We are fortunate to partner Auslife migration and have you as our consultant, making it a smooth sail to achieve our objective in just 5 months time.

We highly recommend Auslife Migration to all our friends and colleagues for visa & immigration services.

Thanks Again and good weekend.

31-Dec-2013 Mathew & Anu ★★★★★

On behalf of my wife and I, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude for all the tireless effort undertaken by Auslife. The process was well worth the wait and made exceptionally pain free due to the hard work and diligent support of Wina. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support extended by the team. We are truly grateful.

Thena, you have a great team here in KL and we would like to say a big thank you for all that you and your team have done to expedite and facilitate this application for us.

Do keep in touch and we wish each of you and your families a peace filled blessed 2014.