Considering Migration to Australia from Malaysia but do not know where to start?

For the past 13 years as a reputable Australia migration agency in Malaysia, AUSLIFE MIGRATION CONSULTANTS have assisted many families to migrate to Australia from Malaysia.

With our friendly approach, commitment and competency in handling all applications, almost 90% of our clients are being referred. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition through our strong relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves for the trust given to our migration agent in Kuala Lumpur and our consultants working alongside.

For Malaysian wanting to migrate to Australia, it is wise to engage a trustworthy migration agent in Malaysia who belongs to a reputable Australia immigration agency in Malaysia to handle your application on how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia.

On top of that, our Migration Agent is not just registered with the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA), but also a Solicitor in Australia as well as Malaysia; with 28 years of experience. MARA agents are properly qualified and accredited Australian migration agents, who have the appropriate level of knowledge to provide accurate advice to clients.

To start off your intention to migrate to Australia from Malaysia, first and foremost, you will need to fulfill skills and qualification assessments before proceeding further with health insurance, police checks and English language test. This falls under skilled migration to Australia from Malaysia which is the most common migration categories to live in Australia besides family migration and study migration.

You can also consider business migration to Australia if you have a successful background in owning or managing a business or investment activity in Australia.

So look no further when considering to migrate to Australia from Malaysia.

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