Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Onshore) Subclass 864

Various visa options are available to parents wishing to migrate to Australia based on their relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

One such Visa is Contributory Aged Parent Visa, Subclass 864, also known as the Parent Visa ( Permanent ) (Onshore).

You may be eligible for this Visa if you have an Australian child who is settled in Australia and if you wish to live permanently in Australia with them.

If this sounds like you, keep reading! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Subclass 864.

Who Can Apply?

This Visa is for parents who meet the “Balance of Family Test” and have child/children who is an Australian citizen or permanent residents and is willing to sponsor them to live in Australia.

The Visa lets you stay indefinitely, and you can work or study upon approval of your visa. To apply for this Parent Visa, you should be of pensionable age in Australia and be in Australia when you lodge your application. If you are not of pensionable age in Australia, then you may want to apply for Contributory Parent Visa ( Offshore ) ( Subclass 143 ).

You must meet all health, character, and financial requirements. This Visa lets you bring your partner and dependent children to live with you in Australia. Dependent children must be below 23 years old at time of approval of this visa.

You may also be able to sponsor other family members on other visas to come and live with you in Australia.

How Much Does It Cost?

The base applicant charge for an onshore subclass 864 visa is AU$ 4,225 and the current Contributory fee is AU$ 47,825 per applicant.


Application Process

Once you are ready to apply for this visa, you will have to gather the documents for yourselves, ie all applicants, the sponsor ie your child and all your children’s documents.

Once your application is submitted and acknowledged by the Department of Home Affairs, you will be issued with Bridging Visa A to live in Australia lawfully while waiting for your application to be processed.

The current queue is approximately 5 years.


Supporting Documents

Provide copies of documents that are relevant to your application. This may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, children birth certificates, proof of address, proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residency.

If documents are not in English Language, you will need to provide official translations of any documents you provide.


Where To Get Help

At Auslife Migration Consultants, we can help you to breeze through the process and advise you the appropriate steps until your visa is granted.

You can get in touch with us at OR +61433 588377 ( Australia ) OR +603 2300 2380 ( Malaysia ).


Key Takeaways

Before you apply for a Parent visa, you should consider whether any other pathway is more suitable.

This is particularly important if you are in Australia on a different type of Visa, as it may be possible to apply for another visa from within Australia.

You may also have access to temporary visas, which will allow you to stay in Australia during processing time or while waiting for you to be eligible for this visa.


There are other visas for Parents, for example :

Parent Visa ( Subclass 103 ),

Contributory Parent Visa ( Subclass 143 ),

Contributory Parent (Temporary ) Visa ( Subclass 173 ),

Parent Visa ( Onshore ) Subclass 804,

Sponsored Parent Visa Subclass 870


Do get in touch with us at to discuss the best suitable visa for you.


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