English Tests and Its Requirement to Migrate to Australia

If an applicant is applying for an Australia student visa, permanent visa or a skilled work visa, the applicant will need to provide evidence that you have a satisfactory level of the English language as specified by the Department of Home Affairs.

There are four levels:

  1. Functional :  The requirement here is either an IELTS average score of 4.5 or evidence of studies in an English language. It is also the minimum requirement for secondary applicants.
  2. Competent :  One must achieve an IELTS average score of 6 or hold an approved passport. It is the minimum level of English language competency for any skilled migration visa but provides no points.
  3. Proficient  :   The requirement here is an IELTS average score of 7. This provides a score of 10 points.
  4. Superior    :    The English language competency will be qualified as ‘superior’ if you achiever an average score of IELTS score is an average of 8. This provides a score of 20 points.

Generally the applicant need to meet a certain minimum score in each of the four components to meet the requirements for GSM (i.e. competent, vocational and proficient English) . Otherwise the applicant must re-sit all four components.

English tests comprises four components:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking

Types of English Tests












Validity of English Tests

Every English Tests conducted is valid up to 3 years prior to lodgement of an application and  will be accepted by the Department of Immigration.






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