I want to migrate to Australia from Malaysia! What should I do?

Generally, the first step in each migration process is to determine the avenue of application. We can do this if you fill up our enquiry form on our website. It takes approximately 1-2 business days to get back to you via e-mail or phone on your eligibility. Once your eligibility is established, we would invite you for a complimentary appointment with our migration consultants to outline to you your migration options. Your avenue for migration begins here.

Can I just walk in to see you?

Yes you can! Do note, however, due to possible prior appointments scheduled, you may be delayed by up to 1 hour if you do not make an appointment. Our available consultants are able to provide to you an on-the-spot assessment of your eligibility and give you a brief outline of your possible options.

What is the cost of migration?

The avenue for migration varies and the associated cost along with the options. Once your eligibility has been established, we would detail all of the applicable costs when you meet with us.

Do you charge for the consultation/appointment? Do you cater for off-site consultations?

The initial consultation at our office is free of charge and without obligations. It is meant for you to find out more before deciding to apply. Currently we do not consult our clients out of the office.

Is there an age limit?

It is 45 years old for Skilled Migration and below 55 years old for Business Migration to Australia and Investor Migration. Certain investor visas do not have age restriction requirement. For parent visas, there is no age requirement.

How long does it take for the entire application?

For skilled visas, the duration of application is approximately 9-18 months, depending on visa class. For business/investor visas, it takes approximately 9-15 months.

What if my degree doesn’t match my job?

Kindly fill up the enquiry form for us and we will be able to advise you on your options after we study your case in detail.

Is there any legislation that governs the work registered migration agents do?

Yes there is. Please view here