Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858)

The Global Talent Program is for the best and the brightest highly skilled workers for target sectors to boost the Australian economy.

2 pathways under the Global Talent Visa

  1. Global Talent VisaFor highly skilled professionals to work in the target sectors and live permanently in Australia

The sectors that comes under priority sectors are:

  • Resources (Advanced visualization technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies, resource waste management)
  • Agri-food and AgTech ( Food and beverage technology, combination of technologies related to farm equipment, weather, crops and irrigation)
  • Energy (Recycling technology, clean technologies, bioenergy and biofuels)
  • Health Industries ( Biochemistry, microbiology, medical devices, clinical trials)
  • Defense, advance manufacturing and space (Cyber security, robotics and automation, digital design, nano manufacturing, aviation in space)
  • Circular Economy ( Waste treatment and emission technology, energy infrastructure, bio-methane production)
  • Digitech ( Automation, cloud computing, data science, 3D printing, robotics, quantum information and computing)
  • Infrastructure and Tourism ( Improve and expand Australia’s energy infrastructure, water security)
  • Financial Services and FinTech ( Micro savings, blockchain technology, digital wallets)
  • Education – ( Digital data and E-research platforms, research and education infrastructure planning)

2. Distinguished Talent Visa –  For individuals who have an internationally recognized record of exceptional achievement and prominent in sectors such as a profession, a sport, arts and  academia & research


  1. In order to apply for this visa, the applicant must be nominated or endorsed to apply for this visa. A nominator must be an eligible individual or organization qho have a national reputation in the same field as the applicant. The nominator must be an Australian citizen or organization
  2. There is no age requirement for Global Talent Visa. However if the applicant is under 18 or 55 years or older, they must be of exceptional benefit to the Australian community
  3. Applicant should have at least Functional English
  4. The Fair Work High Income Threshold for 2022-2023 financial year is $ 167,500 AUD. Applicants must show that they are likely to earn a high income threshold


  • Live an work in permanently in Australia
  • Study in Australia
  • Enrol in Medicare
  • Sponsor others to Australia
  • Apply for Australian citizenship
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