How to Migrate to Australia from Malaysia

There are many reasons why people want to migrate to Australia from Malaysia with primary factors including securing a better future for their families or greater opportunities for work and studies for themselves or their children.  Migrating can be a daunting process filled with challenges.  From applying for the migrant visa, preparing the documents, getting your new permanent residency and to actually moving to Australia, there are many steps involved in the entire process.

Visit our website and go to the tab “Our Services” for a concise explanation about the various ways on how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia and a good indication of the various options you have.

A few things you may wish to be aware of as you consider how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia.

1. Migration Agents Registration

For most people who are seriously considering migrating to Australia from Malaysia, they would go to a migration agent (preferably based in Malaysia).  Before you even consider your migration agent, please ensure that you find out first if the migration agent is registered with the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA).

Visit the migration agent’s website, find out the migration agent’s name and go straight to the MARA website to find out their current status.  If the record with MARA says your agent is registered, that is good. But if it is not, then they are not registered with MARA.  It could be because they are not registered; or possibly be because they have been removed as a MARA agent.  Be aware.

Usually, if a MARA agent’s record is clean, the migration agent will proudly tell you that he or she is registered with MARA and encourage you to visit  Regardless of whether they tell you or not, you should always find out from that website.

2. Australian Immigration

This is the website that contains all the necessary information for anyone who wants to migrate to Australia.  It can be complicated.

3. Caution with Property Developers

Be very careful with developers who mainly sell to the potentially new migrant population and foreign buyers whose children are attending colleges and universities in Australia.

These property developers sell apartments in locations that local Australian buyers would not normally buy.  A common way these developers market themselves is through some educational seminar on how to invest in the Australian property market. Instead of educating you and helping you learn about property investment, they will try to sell you their new developments.

There are many examples of above-average priced apartments purchased off-the-plan and subsequently buyers were greatly disappointed when they moved in, after the project was finally completed.  Material used was substandard, space was limited and the possibility of making a profit will be very minimal.  As said above, these apartments are not usually bought by local buyers.  The only people who will buy such apartments are those who do not know the market conditions; other unsuspecting people looking to migrate to Australia from Malaysia, which is very sad….  Please be aware that there is a big industry of business operators that prey mainly on potential new migrants.

Above are just a few points for you to be aware and think about, as you ascertain how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia.  There are so many, many more.

At Auslife, we assist you not just with the migration process, but we are there to guide you along once you reach Australia.  We are able to guide you with schools for your children in Australia, give you general advice as to where to live in Australia, and even let you know where to find the best “Assam Laksa” whilst there.  We can confidently do that as our migration agent is based both in KL and in Melbourne.

Since our establishment in year 2007, we have assisted more than 1,000 happy families who have requested us to assist them on how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia.   Call us for our friendly yet professional guidance at +603 23002380.

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