Know Your Migration Agent

Why is it important to go to an accredited Migration Agent?

Many migration agents in Malaysia call themselves “migration agents”; they even advertise their services as such. Things can sometimes go wrong, as they have, in the past with unregistered migration agents. Should anything untoward happen to your Visa application to migrate to Australia from Malaysia, please be advised that you will have no professional recourse against an unaccredited migration agent.

One would certainly not risk going to an unknown or uncertified Doctor or Lawyer. Similarly, a registered and certified Migration Agent will be able to handle you immigration related questions and queries as well as be thoroughly informed of the current immigration related affairs in Australia.

What is the difference of choosing Auslife Migration as a registered migration agent and doing it myself?

You can certainly apply for an Australian visa on your own. However, Australian Migration Law is complex and constantly changing. Skilled Occupation Lists is monitored and renewed constantly too. By engaging a registered migration agent, we can guide you through all the changes so that your visa application has the best possible chance of success. As an experienced Registered Migration Agent, it is our job to make sure that your visa application is processed as effective as possible. We make sure that:

  • You get through the assessment stage
  • Your points score will be made sure that it have a competitive advantage during the nomination/ selection process.
  • We make sure that we keep up to date with the law so that we will be able to advise you immediately in case any changes in the law affects your application

Why do Registered Migration Agents’ fees vary?

Fees for Registered Migration Agents can vary due to few factors such as:

  • Expertise
    – Specialists with expertise in difficult cases and applications will often charge more
  • Seniority
    – Work carried out by a senior or a highly skilled agent or consultant will cost more than work done by a junior migration agent
  • Location
    – Services charges in metropolitan areas are often higher
  • Urgency
    – Special fees sometimes apply for urgent work

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