Malaysian Migrate to Australia and Make Australia Your New Home

Australian Lifestyle

There is no such thing as a typical Australian lifestyle. Some Australians choose a laid-back life in the country, and others prefer to live in busy cosmopolitan areas. Regardless of where they choose to stay, Australians enjoy a high quality of life.

Australians pride themselves on perfecting a work-life balance. With a strong economy and low unemployment rate, Australia is a good place to find a new job and to make it your new home.

This is the kind of lifestyle in store for any Malaysians wanting to migrate to Australia.



Australian Visa Requirements

Before you migrate to Australia from Malaysia, it is important you have the right visa. There are different types of visas available, depending on your eligibility and requirements.

Some of the requirements you will need to fulfil include:

  • Skills and qualification assessments
  • Health insurance
  • Police checks
  • English language test

Trying to figure out which visa is right for you before travelling to Australia can be confusing.  Therefore, it is wise to find out how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia by engaging a migration agent in Malaysia to start off your intention to migrate to Australia from Malaysia.

Types of Migration

Skilled migration to Australia from Malaysia is the most common migration categories to live in Australia besides family migration and study migration. There is also business migration to Australia to be considered.

Each visa category will vary, so it is important to find out what you are entitled to while in Australia, and equally important is to find out what restrictions there will be.

The latest new ruling from the Dept of Home Affairs in Australia has increased the point system for skilled migration to Australia from Malaysia. With many rules and requirements to look into, it might be worthwhile getting the help of a migration agent in Malaysia to help navigate your way through the system.

Look no further as our migration agent in Kuala Lumpur can assist you on how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia while our office in Melbourne who specialises in business migration to Australia, can help you settle in should you need their assistance.

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