Migrate to Australia from Malaysia

Being able to live and work in Australia can be like a dream come true for those who are fortunate enough to migrate to Australia.  It is a unique and diverse country in every way and is often viewed as a land of opportunities for all nationalities.  Australia welcomes multicultural society and with its excellent schools and universities, it is the perfect place to raise a family.

Australia remains as one of the strong economies in the world.  With its low population, it has the capacity to absorb new population that meets its manpower shortage especially in skilled migration where it is in high demand. This present an ample opportunity for the potential skilled workers to consider migration to Australia.

Australia also encourages successful business owners and investors to migrate to Australia by choosing the business migration pathway where one can settle down in Australia with their family.

The latest ruling from the Dept of Home Affairs in Australia has increased the point system for skilled migration to Australia. With many new rules and regulations to look into, it might be worthwhile engaging an immigration agency in Malaysia to help navigate your way through the system.  Appointing a trustworthy migration agent in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia helps to ensure that your application has the best possible chance of being approved.

We at AUSLIFE MIGRATION CONSULTANTS, have an Australian lawyer who is also a MARA Registered Migration Agent with offices both in Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne to assist you throughout the whole application process.

Call us NOW for a FREE AND PRIVATE CONSULTATION at 03-2300 2380 or email to: info@auslife.com

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