Migrate to Australia from Malaysia – Skilled Migration

  • Has it ever crossed your mind to enjoy quality life with your family?
  • Where education is top notch, medical care is first class, elderly care/retirement is well taken care of?
  • Why not consider skilled migration to Australia from Malaysia?
  • Or business migration to Australia?
  • Have you wondered how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia?

There are many reasons as to why Malaysians migrate to Australia.  One of the primary factors is securing a brighter future for their families, which includes greater opportunities for work and better education system, a balanced lifestyle backed by a strong economy, or maybe just to escape from a mundane life to seek for adventure and a new life ahead.

Be it skilled migration to Australia from Malaysia or business migration to Australia, the process of migration can be filled with challenges and confusion.  Therefore, it is beneficial to appoint a migration agent in Malaysia to assist in your application.

Established in year 2007, we at AUSLIFE MIGRATION CONSULTANTS, have assisted many families to migrate to Australia from Malaysia, and also helped them to settle in once they arrive.


  • We are an Australia migration agency in Kuala Lumpur who has more than 10 years of experience with 99% success rate
  • Our agent is a MARA REGISTERED MIGRATION AGENT as well as an AUSTRALIAN LAWYER; your interests are thereby protected by the highest of professional standards
  • Our migration consultants have experience ranging up to more than 10 years, having successfully overseen hundreds of applications for skilled migration and business migration to Australia
  • We do not levy lump sum fees; our fees are payable at specific milestones of your application
  • We have offices in Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne to assist you on how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia

To learn more about Australia migration in Malaysia, contact us NOW for a FREE & PRIVATE CONSULTATION at 03-2300 2380 or email to: info@auslife.com

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