Migration Agent’s Obligations

Did you know that you can use a migration agent or a lawyer to help you migrate to Australia from Malaysia? Migration agents and lawyers can provide the latest general information and assist with visa applications.

It is worthwhile to engage a trustworthy migration agent in Kuala Lumpur to help with the daunting process like:

  • advice on the most appropriate visa to use
  • completing visa application forms
  • preparing supporting documents and submitting the application
  • dealing with the relevant government departments on your behalf

Obligations of Migration Agents

All migration agents in Malaysia are expected to:

  • act professionally and have a good knowledge of migration laws
  • keep you up-to-date with the application and its progress
  • keep all information confidential
  • abide by the migration agents’ Code of Conduct

Finding a Migration Agent in Kuala Lumpur

In Australia, migration agents are required by law to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in order to provide immigration assistance services.

If you are using a migration agent in Malaysia, it is important to ensure that they are also registered with MARA or that they meet local laws and registration requirements.

We at AUSLIFE MIGRATION CONSULTANTS, are a MARA Registered Migration Agent and a Solicitor with offices both in Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne to assist you throughout the whole application process.

Having said this, by using a MARA registered migration agent to assist with visa applications does not mean that it will influence the outcome of applications nor speed up the application process. It helps in knowing your application is in good hands.

Should you need to know what options are available for you to migrate to Australia from Malaysia, do contact our migration agent in Kuala Lumpur who can assist you on how to migrate to Australia from Malaysia, be it skilled migration to Australia or business migration to Australia.

Call us for a FREE AND PRIVATE CONSULTATION at 03-2300 2380 or email to: info@auslife.com

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