Partner Visa

If you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. You can apply for Partner Visa


You may be eligible for a Partner visa if you and your partner meet the following relationship requirements such as:
  • are married;
  • are de facto partners (for minimum 12 months); or
  • has registered your relationship with a relevant State/Territory authority.
For Partner Visa application, both the applicant and the sponsor are required to submit the application. You must be able to provide evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing. Examples of evidence are:
  • Co-habitation
  • Financial inter-dependence
  • Social inter-dependence
  • The nature of your on-going commitment for each other
Under Subclass 309 (if apply offshore) or 820 (if apply onshore) visa, the applicant will be granted a 2 year Temporary Resident Visa. Your relationship must be on-going for a minimum period of 2 years, after which you will be given the opportunity to apply for Permanent Resident Visa Subclass 100/801 visa, two years from the date of submission on the initial application.

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    Married Applicants:

    • you have a mutual commitment with your spouse to the exclusion of all others
    • your relationship with your spouse must be genuine and continuing
    • you must live with your spouse or do not live apart on a permanent basis
    • you are not related by family
    • your marriage must be valid under Australian law

    Step 1: Prepare Your Documents

    You must provide necessary documents when you apply for this visa. 

    Step 2: Submit Your Application

    Submit your Partner Visa application.  When you apply, you must have all documents ready as well as the visa application fee, which can be paid by credit card.

    Step 3: Wait for a decision

    The processing time for the visa application can be 5 months to almost 33 months.

    Step 4: Receive your visa

    Once your application is approved, you will receive your visa in writing

    No, but the government is introducing new requirement to partner visa holder to make reasonable efforts to learn English.  English skill is critical to getting a job in Australia. 

    Yes, you can work full time, part time, casually or on a contract in Australia when you hold your partner visa.
    If you are a holder of a subclass 820, you must live in Australia for 2 years, and you can’t change your sponsor. The person who sponsors you when you apply for the visa must be same person who sponsors you for 2 years after we grant your temporary 820 Partner visa.
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