What Offshore Applicants Should Know When It Comes to Visa Application?


Offshore applicants are those individuals who applies for Visa but not physically present in the country that they apply the Visa for.

Few things that offshore applicants should keep in mind would be as below:

  1. Ensuring that they get a positive outcome in their skill assessment
  2. Ensuring that all the information in SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI) is kept up to date
  3. If the applicant plans to apply for visa Subclass 491, the applicant should have selected the preferred state that they are planning to move in the SkillSelect EOI
  4. Applicants should also ensure thatย  their occupations/skill code is available and open for invitation in their preferred states
  5. Making sure that all the supporting documents are valid
  6. Once the applicant’s interest is chosen by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), the applicant must also ensure that all DHA’s visa requirements are met

Visa applications comprises of many stages can sometime be challenging even stressful for applicants. That’s where Auslife Migration Consultants comes in. At Auslife Migration Consultants, we help you to breeze through the process and advise you the appropriate steps until your visa is granted.

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