Why You Should Use a MARA Migration Agent in Malaysia for your Australian Visa

There are many non-accredited Australia migration agents in Malaysia

Many migration agents in Malaysia call themselves “migration agents”; they even advertise their services as such. Many of these migration agents have no accreditation by or with MARA. Things can sometimes go wrong, as they have, in the past with unregistered migration agents. Should anything untoward happen to your Visa application to migrate to Australia from Malaysia, please be advised that you will have no professional recourse against an unaccredited migration agent.

A premier Australia migration agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who is MARA accredited migration agent

At Auslife Migration Consultants, we are a MARA Registered Australia Migration Agent to best serve your interests.

For your information, our Migration Agent is not just registered with MARA, but also a Solicitor in Australia and Malaysia as well; with years of experience.

Who is MARA and why you should consider a MARA migration agent in Malaysia for Australia

MARA stands for Migration Agents Registration Authority. MARA is affiliated with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and acts as a regulator for the industry. MARA agents are properly qualified and accredited migration agents, who have the appropriate level of knowledge to provide accurate advice to clients.

You should only use an Agent that is MARA-registered. You can search online at www.mara.gov.au to ensure that your Migration Agent is fully above board. For your ease of reference, please view the link below for evidence of MARA accreditation of our MARA Registered Migration agent in Malaysia.

Thenakaran Nadarajah is a MARA registered migration agent. He is also a solicitor in Victoria and Malaysia.

Would you go to a professional who is not accredited?

Would you go to a person who says/claims he is a ‘doctor’ or an ‘engineer’, but who is not accredited by the authorities? Of course you will not.

You will not risk it.

For the same reason, please check whether your migration agent in Malaysia for Australia is MARA accredited.

Do call us at +603 2300 2380, or drop us a line on the Enquiry Form, if we may be of assistance to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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